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Expert Cataract Surgeon can make different result

Hello This is Dream Eye Center at GangNam Seoul.

If you wish to take off glasses and reading glasses too,

This information will be useful while you stay in Korea.

Let's talk about one of my patients. She also find comfort life

with Cataract Lens Surgery at Dream Eye Center.

This is Kirsten Schlumberger from German

who was far sightness around +2.00 both eyes.

She had to wear thick glasses for far and

even near reading glasses that was thicker than far.

And she visited Dream Eye Center last May

to check her eyes with her family.

to got a eye surgery to take off all those glasses.

She needed to get Cataract surgery for both eyes

to take off thick reading glasses every day and night,

And now?

This Kirsten can see far away and near both eyes

- books, news papers, cell phone etc

without any kind of glasses.


Dream's expert cataract surgeon has started since 2000.

Until 2019, It's over 5,000 cases surgery experience

and 1% Cataract expert surgeon can treat everything

suck as diagnosis, consultation, performing the surgery,

and hall life your eye check ups too.

All process with Your Expert Surgeon.

Over 20 years, Dream had no infection system about cataract surgery.

The specialized cataract surgery system

is equipped at Dream Eye Center.

Expert surgeon gonna suggest best IOL lens type

depends on your eye condition With reasonable price.

" Mono Focal IOL "

First option is monofocal IOL

and that IOL is target with both far away.

But after Cataract,

you will be hard to see short distance so,

you need to wear reading glasses sometimes.

So If you don't want to wear glasses any more,

One eye could see near distance after cataract operation

that is called as Monovison.

" Multifocal IOL "

Second Option is Multifocal IOL lens

to fix your age discomfort called as Presbyopia.

These are best options for far and near vision together

and middle distance too as PC or News paper.

It has several types of lens design like this picture.

Every lens has positive and negative point.

So Expert surgeon need to decide

which lens should be best for each eyes.

Considering your life style,

Near vision / Intermediate vision / Far vision

should be setting based on your priority.

" For the best Vision "

Fixxing your near vision discomfort,

Dream also can fix astigmatism at the same time.

This astigmatism make blur and spread the focusing point,

That occur headache and eye strain in the worst case.

Dream has special clinic for astigmatism correction

called as standard zero.

Based on Standard line,

Dream will show you high quality vision for good

And It's start from different eye examination for short sight discomfort.

You can get specific and detail eye exam you never done before.

In case of multi-focal IOL,

There is a possibility of glare/halos

but it seems to be not a major discomfort

due to your small pupil size.

This is best option for far and near vision.

It make satisfy for active or out going person

to find freedom from vision discomfort.

" About Recovery "

Following surgery,

you will need to check up visits within the few days

It will depend on your eye condition and doctor ordered.

During this time period, you will be using several eyedrops

which help protect against infection and inflammation.

We recommend you should stay at least 2weeks in Korea.

Before surgery, the ophthalmologist measures

the curvature of your cornea and

the length of your eye to calculate the power of the implant.

Your doctor performs a general medical exam

and may request tests to assess your overall health.

and another day she will be able to have operation.

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