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- King P

Lasik vs Lasek vs ICL


Make a corneal flap, lift it up and expose the stroma, hold it back and laser ablation on the tissue of stroma.


Make no corneal flap, only peel off the epithelium, and laser ablation on the exposed stroma tissue.


Correction vision by inserting an Implantable Contact Lens(I.C.L) without changing the corneal shape. 

LASIK. LASEK. ICL Comparison

Which is the best surgery? 

You cannot say one is always better than the other surgeries. Every person has different characteristic of the eye. In other words, it’s really different on corneal condition such as corneal curvature and aberration. The only way to receive the best surgery is to find out the most suitable surgery for you based on various exam results. Dream Eye Center has all the equipment for the more accurate examination and the safer surgery and will find the best way to correct your vision with considering your life habit or working environment.




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