“DREAM’s 1-day LASIK is for busy people that examination and surgery are done in a day. Painlessness, fast recovery and strict care guarantee the satisfaction.
DREAM’s 2-day Less Pain LASEK is for busy people that requires only 2 days for recovery. Painlessness, fast recovery and strict care guarantee the satisfaction.”

“I have been very impressed with everyone at Dream Eye Center. Very professional great English and the results were fantastic. I felt comfortable during the whole process. The quiet room with the comfy chair and music was an especially nice touch. Thank you so much!-Jeff Jacobsen(DNA IK)
From the moment I arrived, I was well taken care of. Now I have more than perfect vision!”

— Brightte Patton (2D EK)

1Day LASIK/ Lasek for busy workers


How is it possible to get an examination and surgery in a day?



Naturally, people do not expect to have examination and surgery safely in a day. Normally, the examination and consultation take 2 hours. After finishing them in the morning, you can receive the surgery in the afternoon. Mydriatics(eye drops for pupil dilation) will be applied during the examination and the effects last for 3-4 hours. While the mydriatics is working, the pupils are fully dilated and you cannot focus on something near. For safe surgery, your eyes need to be back to normal condition. That's why there is a 4-hours-interval between examination and operation. We do not check your eyes roughly or skip any step. We always do our best for accurate and safe procedure.




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