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“DREAM’s Expert Choice lens insertion procedure is that expert surgeon

who has rich experience selects the most suitable lenses and performs the surgery safely.

“Having my eye surgery in the Dream Eye Center was a great experience. Both, the process and the outcome exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much.”

— Aurelie

Expert Choice implantable contact lens sugey :

the most proper lens, Expert surgeon’s surgery

EXPERT COICE lens implantation is performed by the expert surgeon who can select optimal lens based on long term experience and precise examination. It can be done safely even if you have super high myopia, astigmatism or thin Cornea.


Expert surgeon selects the size and power of the lens that best suits you among 1394 types and operate safely.


Expert Choice  l  Lens Size


Expert Choice  l  Lens Power


One of the important factors that determine the success of intraocular lens implantation is the choice of lens size and lens power. It’s not  mechanically selected according to test value but selected carefully after consideration of various  situational factors , which provides clearer and more comfortable vision. The know-how of lens selection is finally made by multiple vision correction experience and lens insertion experience.

ICL_Incisional astigmatism correction

What is incisional astigmatism correction?

To make a purposeful incision on proper cornea position in direction of astigmastism. The corneal surface will be losen and flatten, which is how the incision corrects astigmatism. Width of incision is controled depending on the amount of astigmatism. Insert ICL through the incision already made and turn it to the proper position. This is quick and accurate but for those who have more than -2D of astigmatism, we should recommend Toric ICL.


- Can correct astigmatism with corneal incision and doesn’t require Toric-ICL

- No change in astigmatism due to lens rotation

- Only skilled surgeon can perform

- No additional cost for cornea incision

Dream Special ICL  vs  General ICL


Aqua Plus ICL(Implantable Contact Lens)

Aqua plus ICL

More simply!

More easily!

More innovatively!

Aqua Plus ICL

Upgraded design is  innovative that the procedure is  more convenient.


What is ICL?

ICL(implantable contact lens) is permanent correction of vision by inserting a special lens into the eye. It requires a high skill of the medical staff.  Non-surgical cornea offers very clear and stable vision with no regression. 

It is the same with previous ICL to insert and implant the lens in posterior chamber but no need of iridotomy!

The secret is THREE HOLES in ICL itself!!!


Toric-Implantable Contact Lens

Toric ICL

Toric ICL can treat high myopia and

astigmatism at the same time.

- Toric means astigmatism.

- Same type of surgery as ICL but can   treat astigmatism at the same time.  

- Accurate measurement of the lens   and highly skilled surgeon is required.

- Can treat -3~-19 myopia and -1~-6   astigmatism.


Post Surgery Care

- You can proceed with your daily life from the very next day. It’s possible to do mild activities including reading, watching TV or taking a walk. We recommend office work after 2~3day.

- No water in your eyes for about 2 weeks. Use a wet towel while cleaning the face.

- Do not rub your eyes after your surgery for 2 months.

 - You can do mild exercise (jogging, yoga, weight lifting) after 1 month and contact sport  after 2 months.

- Regular follow ups: the next day, 2~3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. 



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