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Dreams come true with GNV

Hello, This is Dream Eye Center.

Do you wanna clear vision at night? Then Check out this posting.

This is all about night vision correction so called as

"Good Night Vision LASIK/LASEK"

Hello, Michael Saeteurn

This is Michael got Good night vision LASIK at dreameyecenter.

Congratulation you got a

perfect vision now!!


Thank you for the sweet letter that make me happy with the message

which your warm heart in.

I hope to see you again.

Hello, Carolyn Benton

This is Carolyn who had a -6.00 dipters with thin cornea.

​So she needed to add Xtra treatment that make cornea tissue strengthen.

Now, It's been 3years with 20/20 vision got the surgery and

She is one of dream's VIP. It was nice to share your dream and wishes.

​Though she had high nearsightness, After LASEK surgery,

She got a 20/20 vision before leaving.

Dream Eye Center will continue to be

a progressive hospital that will make you more proud of

Thank you

What is Good Night Vision?

Dream knows various factors that affect night vision.

Various factors must be considered for clear night like daytime.

And the balance between lazer zone and

remained corneal thickness is very important.

Dream try to save for the safety remaining 400㎛ tissue

and If the all criteria meets and the cornea is healthy,

It's wise to have a large zone for better night vision

than remain larger amount of cornea thickness.

For the best result,

Corrected visual acuity, ablation amount,

laser zone and etc decisions must be made with no errors.

3 diffent type of machine checks cornea thinkness and

shape of cornea to prevent cornea ectasia

and predict cornea ablation amount.

The Examination is Different

Dream's Safe 100 Good Night Vision examination is

to provide comfrotable and clear night vision

and to secure safety for risk of large amount of ablation.

"Key points for Good night vision"

Amaris RED SPT laser will make the transitional zone smooth

to reduce the night glare, but increase the preciseness of vision.

If laser zone is not ablated at the center,

the light will scatter through non cover part.

This is will cause glare and worsen night vision.

The Good Night Vision could make perfect zone

at the center accurately with 7 dimention tracking system.

And Dream's 20 years experienced doctors

who have ability, responsibility, gumption, hand skills

and 30,000 cases of

eye refractive surgery experience perform surgery since 2000.

So these Expert surgeons control surgical situations

so thoroughly that surgery process and

"Result can be Stable"

Different point of view

makes different results!

Furthur more information about Good Night Vision?

▼follow this link▼

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