“Decision Dr. offers the best solution for extremely high myopia correction from examination to lifelong care.”

“I have been extremely satisfied with my treatment and care at Dream Eye Center. My Decision Doctor is so courteous and professional. The optometrists have all fully knowledgable and thorough in their explanations. I have told everyone

I know about DEC.”

— Mcmillan Cherrita

High / Extreme High Myopia Clinic


High/Extreme high myopia eye itself is different. Second surgery, surgery price and high risk of complication is higher for high myopia. A different clinic can recommended different types of surgery as a result confusion. Surgeon must have many experiences  and understand characteristic of high myopia for best outcome. 


High / -extreme high myopia patient experiences difficulties throughout daily life and nervous about surgery. For safe, and satisfaction result, Decision Doctor will be with you and guarantee life long care. 20 years of clinical experience Decision Doctor will provide thorough explanation of surgery, accurate examination, chose surgery type, 1:1 relationship care. Decision Making->Life long guarantee-Reasonable price.

  1. Safety first, if Dream cannot guarantee safety, we will not recommend surgery.

  2. If Dream cannot guarantee good result, we will not recommend surgery.

  3. Prevent complication.

  4. Reasonable price.

  5. Recommend best suitable surgery.




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