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Do you have Blurry vision and fogginess? Then You'd better to fix astigmatism by StandardZero LASEK

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Hello, This is Dream Eye Center in Gang Nam, Seoul.

When you love activities, sports and swimming,

You'd better to get LASIK/LASEK surgery in Seoul.

Especially, When you have any trouble by blurry vision and fogginess,

You should fix your astigmatism too.

Listen this story of Dream who got a patent for astigmatism correction.

If you look at the structure of the eye, you'll see from the front

By the Cornea shape, the Lens shape and the lenghth of the cornea,

It can cause astigmatism .

If your eye have no astigmatism,

it's focused on one place. It looks clean, with no visible or blurred symptoms. But more than 80% of patients who has refractive anomaly that requires glasses

Got astigmatism on their own eyes.

That's why it's increasing the importance of astigmatism correction more and more.

In normal case, the focusing is replaced on the retina. Then It looks clean without refraction or blurred vision.

Most of nearsightness and farsightness patients

has focus in front of or behind the retina. The eye shapes change as it passes through the growth phase. There are cases of astigmatism that is not present.

In the case of astigmatism, the eyes are not round, but because of the squashed shape, It is accompanied by spread symptoms that appear to be more than one focus.

It's uncomfortable to wear glasses. Because of the astigmatism caused by the axis of rotation, even if you wear a lens, you get a headache. frown or small-open eyes to focus on spreading, You are required the accurate astigmatism correction so called as Standard Zero.

The kinds of Astigmatism

For normal corneas, astigmatism correction is relatively easy. If the cornea surface is evenly distributed astigmatism Or in corneal astigmatism, which is formed symmetrically from one another, Regular astigmatism is very easy to calibrate. But if you have the shape of cones or the malignancy or the corneal neocortex, irregular shape of cornea, Precision ophthalmic examinations are required to determine the more precise cause.

The corneal curvature test, which examines the curvature/slope of the cornea, provides more detail. In case of astigmatism with a constant axis, The most important thing is to check the correct axis. In the case of vertical and horizontal shape of astigmatism in common, You can get your clear vision back at night without smudged if we can find the correct axis, correct the symmetry of the cornea based on exact axis,

Accurate astigmatism correction is essential through precise eye examinations.

In the case of irregular cornea, It need to correct laser ablation is achieved. Cowave program to capture for corneal curvature wave so that each of them can enter a different corneal shape into the laser.

How to Fix the Astigmatism?

All of the Dream's test programs are designed by the Standard Zero astigmatism test. Conducting more than 50 kinds eye tests, To prevent the correction of the astigmatic axis from being disturbed by the changing position, Establish the center axis of the face of the BMC to find the correct astigmatism during all examinations, and It can correct Astigmatism correctly on this axis during the surgery.

The point is to correct the hidden astigmatism accurately.

In case of laser eye correction performed in lie down, the degree of rotation of the eye that changes due to the changing position. It's a very important factor in astigmatism.

Standard Zero LASIC/LASEK, which specializes in astigmatism, A Cowave program is included that detect the rotation of your eyeball during surgery. Just as all fingerprints are different, even the rule astigmatism varies in width and elevation of the convexity, and irregular astigmatism can vary widely.

To accurately identify the cornea shape, the Cowave program using iris recognition and the latest laser equipment, Amaris Red SPT Technology, are linked to a smooth, uniform cornea. Because the tilt varies according to the eyes and the astigmatism varies. Even the same person can measure the different inclinations of the eyes. To correct this accurately, an eye correction operation is carried out.

"Dream will show you

amazingly clear vision"

" The Point of

Standard Zero Astigmatism correction"

In case of laser eye correction performed in lie down, the degree of rotation of the eye that changes due to the changing position. It's a very important factor in astigmatism. It is the one part of Cowave Program that detect the rotation of your eyeball movement during surgery to matching your cornea curvature following previous examination data, so called as Standard Zero LASIK/LASEK, which specializes in astigmatism correction.

This is Victoria who got a Standard Zero LASEK at Dream Eye Center. ​

She had headache and pain in her eye balls

caused by astigmatism.

The tiredness of eyes bring in to Dream

and Now She's Satisfied!

Listen Victoria's real experience in Dream.

This is Kyle the main actor of Musical Jekyll and Hyde.

During world tour of Jekyll and Hyde, ​

He got a standard Zero LASIK at Dream Eye Center.

"This is the moment!"

As no breaking concert schedule,

​He got a Standard Zero LASIK at dream.

And from D+1,

He got a successful perfomance

as main actor of Jekyll and Hyde!

Happy 20/20 and Happy Jekyll!

Hello Kyle Dean Massey!

The detail story about Kyle with Dream Eye Center?

Different point of view

makes different results!

Furthur more information about Standard Zero?

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