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I would recommend the clinic to anyone

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1. What convinced you to go through the Lasik/Lasek surgery? And what made you to choose Dream Eye Clinic? All my life, as far as I can remember, I have needed glasses. I switched to contact lenses when I was playing softball, but due to my high eye curvature, I had to buy very expensive lenses that would often end up having calcium deposits after a couple of months because of their thickness. When my fiancé and I moved to South Korea to teach English, he jumped in to Dream Eye Clinic and after the success that he had, I decided to get my eyes corrected as well. I’ve never regretted that decision!

2. Tell us about what has changed since you had your Lasik / Lasek surgery. What are the major changes comparing your life before and after the surgery?

I think the first major thing that changed was the ease of my morning routine. I suddenly didn’t have to fumble around the nightstand and find my glasses or put in contacts and wait for them to adjust before heading into work. The first time I looked out of the hotel room in Seoul and could see the signs across the street, I cried since it was the first time I had ever been able to recall seeing without glasses!

3. Were there any inconveniences during the recovery process? And tell us about how satisfied you are with your newly improved vision. It was more annoying immediately after the surgery with some of the eye irritation, but that went away after a couple of hours and a good nap to rest my eyes. I am very satisfied and have the best vision I have ever had in my life.

4. What were the most valuable and rememberable experiences at Dream Eye Clinic? I remember right after surgery that they played the congratulations song. I was so nervous before the surgery, but the staff and the doctors were all helping me work through it.

5. Finally, what else do you want to tell us (our medical staffs, doctors, and nurses)? (Anything is OK including some of your wishes that may inform us to improve ourselves.) By far this has been the best possible experience I have ever had when dealing with my eyesight. I would recommend the clinic to anyone I know because they did such a good job with both my eyes and my fiance’s eyes!

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  • Castro Amber Nicole I’ve always heard about lasik/lasek eye surgery .. it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but was absolutely terrified!! I’ve been wearing glasses for 17+ years , Dr. Koo and his staff -Susan& Cho Rong are the best !! They made me feel comfortable before , during and after the procedure . I had some discomfort a few days after the procedure but now I can see much better than I could with my glasses on !! If you’re looking into eye correction surgery and you’re in South Korea .. This is the place to go👍👍👍👍👍 #dreameyecenter #lasekinseoul #humphrey #lasereyesurgery #hellolasik #standardzerolasek Copyright @Instagram/nicolecastro_93
  • Jacob Three years ago I went for my eye surgery. I was very nervous, but all the staff at Dream Eye Center were fantastic! Susan explained everything and was there with me all the way. Surgery itself was quick and painless. My eyesight steadily improved over the first year and is now better than 20/20! My eyes are perfect and I have no issues with them. The level of professionalism and and quality of service was (and still is) exceptional. I go back yearly for my free follow-up check ups and they still treat me with all the care and helpfulness they did from day one. I would highly recommend Dream Eye Center to anyone!
  • Michelle B (Canadian) I had my surgery almost two years ago. I have suggested that my friends visit this place because of the care that I reveived. I was well taken care of during all the stages, and even until today. I was terrified to enter Dream Eye Center because the thought of doing such a procedure but I was quickly greeted by multiple smiles. The members of this center truly understand that this is an uncormfotable step for some people. They explained everything so well, and answered my questions kindly. Actually, I didn't have many questions since they carefully explain the surgery. They do this daily, but they treat each individual well without rushing through the material. On the day of the surgery, I didn't feel anxious. I was shocked that I felt ok. Just everyone is super considerate. Having this surgery was a great decision and coming to this professional center was the best decision! They have been helpful for other matters as well. I am very grateful for the members of this center. I always feel very welcomed. I'm sure you will too! I am so happy I took a chance. Everything went smoothly and now I am glasses free. :)



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