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"My eyes were very bad before my surgery, and I was afraid I would not be a good candidate for it.  The staff and doctors have been amazing. Best purchase I have ever made."


DREAM is Different

DREAM is Different
20 years experienced top surgeon, optometrist, nurse and staff offer the best  eye refractive surgery than conventional surgery.   
Every surgery is based on customized eye according to individual vision.  One of 20 different types surgeries can be performed depending on individual status. 
Every staff listens to customers’ voice and always ponder to impress our clients. 
DREAM values customer satisfaction.  

DREAM is Sharing

Dream is Sharing

The world’s most beloved clinic is what DREAM aims. To be trustworthy and loved, we will study more and more and challenge first. 
Dream has been being recommended from mouth to mouth for 20 years. 
We can give you the vision you have dreamed. 
We hope you enjoy your time with us on the road to clear vision. 
DREAM contributes to society by sharing our expertise. 




Fast recovery & High-quality vision,

Most advanced 5th generation Refractive correction. 

Good Night Vision
Lasik / Lasek


 For  comfortable and clear night vision, refractive surgery needs to consider everything.

Standard Zero
Lasik / Lasek


All new different clarity,

Precise astigmatism correction

Expert Choice
Implantable Contact Lens


Expert surgeon selects the size and power of the lens that best suits and operates safely.

Less Pain Lasek
2-day Less Pain Lasek


Keep all the advantages of Lasek AND

       reduce pain and shorten recovery time.

Smart Plus
Presbyopia Correction


Excellent safety with 1% expert surgeon.

Enjoy bright and new vision. 

Security 100


1:1 customized process,

100% satisfaction after Re-operation.

1% Expert Surseon
Expert Cataract


Over 3,000 per eye cases, surgery experience
and 1% expert surgeon perform the surgery



Years of Experience


Total  Clients


Foreign Clients


Happy Staff


Doctor Koo TaeHyung
Dr. Koo Tae-Hyung

Director / M.D. / Ph.D.

Dr. Jung Choong-Ki

Director / M.D. / Ph.D.

Dr. Hu Yung-Jae

Director / M.D. / Ph.D.