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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How much does the SMILE, LASEK, LASIK or Implantable Contact lens price?

SMILE is 2,900,000 won ~ 3,300,000 won.

Lasik or Lasek is 1,800,000 won ~ 2,600,000 won in average.

ICL is 5,00,000 won ~ 6,00,000 won in average.

(It does include ongoing promotion.)

2. How long do I have to stay in Korea for post-operative surgery?

We recommend you to stay at least a week in Korea with SMILE or Lasik.

We recommend you to stay at least 2 weeks in Korea after LASEK or ICL surgery.

3. What is the typical recovery time?

Recovery period is different from the surgery type.

You would recover so fast when you do SMILE or LASIK or ICL.

Next day you can do normal activity and most patients see clearly.

In contrast, if you do LASEK, Patients normally require several days of healing to achieve good functional vision after LASEK correction.

If you are candidate for LASEK, you would be able to see immediately after the surgery, but vision would be clear after 3~4 weeks later.

(The protective epithelium layer need to heal back and become smooth again to allow clear vision so that it needs more time to heal compared with LASIK and SMILE surgery.)

4. How much is consultation fee for corrective surgery?

Consultation and Examination fee is 50,000 won.
(The examination fee would be deducted on your surgery fee.)

Avellino DNA test will cost 100,000 won.
Avellino DNA test is needed to check possible cornea disease before surgery.
A sample swab of the inside of your cheek cell is collected and sends to a laboratory.

5. Which age is suitable for a corrective surgery like LASIK, LASEK, SMILE, ICL?

All laser surgery for over 40's people is not always the best option to correct vision problem.

After 45 ~ 50 years old, changes in your eye could no longer make you an ideal candidate for corrective eye surgery.

That’s because eyes elasticity decrease slowly with aging.

At an age when it is difficult to perform vision correction surgery in your early 40s, you can check your eye condition accurately through a comprehensive eye examination to see if there is a suitable surgery.

6. I am interested in Laser surgery. I am over 45 years old.

The surgery type is different from one person’s ages.

According to your age, you have to consider your near vision (presbyopia) and eye diseases as well.

With a small probability, some people are over 45 years old but are recommended to SMILE, LASIK, or LASEK surgery.

But before the consultation and examination, it is hard to tell which surgery would be suitable for you.

If you have to get a presbyopia surgery, we recommend you to stay at least 2 weeks.

Staying a week for Smile and Lasik is enough.

7. How much is the price for the eye check-up?

Which type of eye check-up do you need?

1. pre/post -Lasik or Lasek check-up

2. Comprehensive eye examination
This exam includes checking eye pressure, vision and the five representative eye diseases such as Presbyopia, Cataract, Glaucoma, retina diseases and Macular degeneration and eye disease with family rates.

3. Simply vision check

If you want to get a comprehensive eye exam, examination fee is 210,000 won without Korean National Insurance but if you have it would be 70,000 won.

In contrast, a simple vision check fee is about 40,000~50,000won without Korean National or with Korean National Insurance is about 20,000 won depends on your check up results.

8. How much does the cataract price and what is the procedure for it?

During cataract surgery, your cloudy natural lens is removed and replaced with a clear (artificial) lens with degrees.

That lens is called an intraocular lens (IOL).

In order to get a Cataract surgery, you need to get a cataract examination first.

The examination fee is 200,000 won without Korean National Insurance or 70,000 won with Korean National Insurance.

Surgery price depends on the IOL type.

Mono-focal IOL surgery price is 250,000 ~ 2,300,000 won per eye
(depending insurance and amount of corneal astigmatism).

Multi-focal IOL surgery price is 3,500,000 ~ 4,300,000 won per eye.

Exact surgery price will be settled after consultation.

Surgery is done one eye at a time.

Two days of surgery date are needed.

Surgery takes around 20 minutes per eye.

We recommend you to stay at least 2 weeks in Korea after the surgery.
After than, you can check-up in your country.

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